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MinistroPistarini International Airport located in Ezeiza district, in the province of Buenos Aires is the main international Airport. It is a modern and secure airport and offers on line departure and arrival flight information as well as any data necessary to enter the country. This Airport also offers taxicab, chauffeur-driven car service as well as transfers and city bus service throughout the 24 hours.

JorgeNewbery Metropolitan Airportis located on the city’s riverside area, and covers both Argentine domestic and neighboring country’s flights. It is a modern, secure airport and offers on line flight information.

Taxicabs:these areblack cars with yellow roofs. You can hail them at any time and place; you can also use the radio taxi-cab service. The taxicab fare is calculated by a taximeter. You have to  pay for the fixed initial fare and your travel distance fare (the taximeter fare changes every 200 meter distance approx.)

Chauffeur-driven Car Service: private chauffeur-driven cars hired to companies. The fare is fixed and it depends on the distance travelled too.

Car Rental:  A minimum  two-year valid driving license is required as well as a credit card with funds enough to cover the car rental and its warranty.

Buses:  There are many urban and interurban bus lines in Buenos Aires city. Bus fare is paid through coin dispensers and prepaid cards.

Subway:There are six subway lines joining the main city points and you can combine subway lines at some subway stations.

Line A: From Primera Junta (Caballito neighborhood) up to Plaza de Mayo (May Square) (Downtown).
Line B: From Los Incas (Urquiza neighborhood) up to Leandro N. Alem (downtown).
Line C: from Constitución (Railway Station) up to Retiro Station.
Line D: from Congreso de Tucumán (Belgrano neighborhood) up to the Cathedral (downtown).
Line E: From Plaza de los Virreyes (Lugano district) to Bolívar (downtown).
Line H: from Parque Patricios neighborhood up to Plaza Once neighborhood (Railway Station).

Trains:In Buenos Aires, there are 6 train lines joining the downtown with the most remote areas of the city and the Greater Buenos Aires. Main Railway Stations are Once, Chacarita, Constitución and Retiro.

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Line: Once Railway Station (2851 Bartolomé Mitre St.).
General Belgrano Line: Retiro Railway Station (1950 De los Inmigrantes Av).
General Bartolomé Mitre Line: Retiro Railway Station (1302 J. M. Ramos Mejía St.).
General Roca Line: Constitución Railway Station (11 General Hornos Av.).
General San Martín Line: Retiro Railway Station (1552 J. M. Ramos Mejía St.).
General Urquiza Line: Federico Lacroze Railway Station (Federico Lacroze Av and Corrientes Av.)