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Buenos Airesoffers various options for an enjoyable stay in the city. Gastronomic tours, movies, theatres, traditional and international shows, sports, art exhibitions, fairs, and typical bars are just some of the alternatives this city offers to every guest to make his or her stay an unforgettable experience.

Shopping Malls

There are 6 main shopping malls located in the city’s most strategic areas. There, visitors will find international and national flagship clothes & accessories stores, IT items, decoration, movies, gastronomy, games, etc.


Fairs feature a special beauty among the options offered in the city. They are located in different areas, and each of them has its unique charm and style. In general these fairs sell clothes, handicrafts, or antiques.

FranciaPark: Between Del Libertador Av. and Pueyrredón Av. Open on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Handicrafts and Shows
Serrano Square: Between Serrano and Honduras Streets. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. Handicrafts, Clothes.
San Telmo Fair: Between Humberto Primo and Defensa Streets. Sundays. Antiques and Handicrafts.
Illuminated Block (Manzana de las Luces): Between Perú and Alsina Streets. From Mondays to Fridays and Sundays. Antiques, handicrafts and books
Paseo de la Ribera (Riverside Walk): 1819 Pedro de Mendoza Av. Mondays to Sundays. Antiques and regional products.


There are modern movie theatres offering several daily performances. There you can watch international and national films. Also non-mainstream films can be seen at Cultural Centers and Foundations.


The city is also home to theatres of all sizes. The great variety of theatre plays meet any audience style, age or personal preferences. There are plenty of theatre plays offered throughout the whole year. Classics, Opera, the underground, variety, and monologue performances are just some of the options offered from Mondays to Sundays.

The most popular area is Corrientes Avenue where you will find theatres featuring very interesting plays for your likes. Buenos Aires is a show business city par excellence.

The Colon Opera House is the best lyric theatre in Latin America. It is a representative icon of the city and a dazzling place worth visiting.  Its architecture is a mixture of styles of the Buenos Aires early XX century building period. The opera and concert hall is highly regarded for its excellent acoustics.

Shows and Festivals

The City offers various good music options matching your personal preferences.

Tango is one of the city’s traditional music rythms; its melody is accompanied by the bandoneon (sort of square concertina), a sensual dance and the tango lyrics are full of “lunfardo” (argot of Spanish language) and show a sort of nostalgia. There are many venues  to enjoy the incantation of this dance.

You can enjoy very good tango shows with musicians, singers and dancers on stage; this music show include also dinner or  drink service at Tango Clubs. Also you can join Milonga/Tango places just to see how couples dance tango or why not to take lessons? Besides, the Tango Festival is held in February and the World Tango Championship is held in September.

Folklore is another traditional music rhythm you can enjoy in Buenos Aires. Although this music rhythm  is typical of the interior of the country, you can find folklore clubs in Buenos Aires where you will enjoy not only an excellent show but also folklore related traditional food; you can also join the zamba or chacarera dance.

Classical music also plays an important role in the city; the Colon Opera House offers classical music performances; its excellent acoustics has made the theatre highly regarded internationally. Besides, its Concert hall meets the strictest regulations typical of classic Italian and French opera houses. Also Cultural Centers and theatres offer orchestra concerts.

Jazz is also performed or played at many bars. Buenos Aires Jazz Festival is held in March. The best musicians participate at this Festival.

Electronic music also plays its part in the city of Buenos Aires; the city is part of the rave circuit. Every year Cream Fields -one of the most widely known electronic music shows-  takes place here.                    


Buenos Airesis home to more than 100 public and private-held museums. You can visit them at any time of the year. There you will enjoy very important works of art by national and international artists. Besides, there are theme museums such as football, puppets museums, etc.

Bars and Restaurants

Cafes have been the meeting point of argentine intellectuals for a long time. Politics, art, literature, and philosophy topics have been discussed at these cafes. This traditional cultural meeting has been kept by inhabitants of the city and many of these cafes maintain their original features and are part of the city cultural heritage for their age, architecture and their outstanding cultural activities. We can mention some of these cafes:

Café Tortoni and 36 billares; Avenida de Mayo (May Avenue)
La Giraldaand La Paz: Corrientes Avenue
Británico: Parque Lezama (Lezama Park)
Las Violetas: Medrano and Rivadavia Av.
La Biela: Recoleta
La Academia: Callao Av. at the intersection of Corrientes Av.

There are also some areas within the City of Buenos Aires where you can enjoy a traditional meal at trendy restaurants usually chosen by porteños*. We can mention the following trendy areas:

Las Cañitas
Puerto Madero
Palermo Hollywood

For further information please visit this website: www.bue.gov.ar

*used to refer to a person who is from or lives in a port city, but it can also be used as an adjective for anything related to those port cities. It is usually applied to the port city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and since the end of the 19th century Porteñoshas come to be the name of the people from that city.