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Buenos Airesis a cosmopolitan and multi-faceted city. There are many features typical of the city and its inhabitants such as tango, folklore, football, meat, the mate*, the “dulce de leche” (sort of milk caramel); these are Argentine unchallenged symbols. The city is also the birth place of many world known personalities such as Diego Maradona, Carlos Gardel, Evita, Julio Bocca, Jorge Luis Borges, Julio Cortázar, Mercedes Sosa, Raúl Soldi, Ernesto Sabato, Guillermo Vilas, amongst others.

*infusion, containing stimulants including caffeine, prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate

Since its beginnings, Buenos Aires has been a melting pot of races not only because of the large number of immigrants coming from various parts of the world, such as Italy, Spain and France but also because of the influence of their culture and customs. Therefore, the City features a special beauty and every neighborhood reveals its own history as well.

City Neighborhoods:

Even today, La Boca keeps the attractive features brought by the immigrants, i.e. their multicolored houses, their conventillos*, bars, canteens and inns where you can taste Italian food. “Caminito” is the most representative spot in La Boca par excellence.

*(usually a big old one-family house where rooms were rented to different families who had to share sanitary, washing and cooking facilities in poor conditions)

San Telmo is one of the first inhabited areas of the city; it is the birthplace of the “arrabal”(suburbs) and the corner of the improvised folk singers; this neighborhood also features old houses where aristocratic families used to live in. A further emblematic neighborhood is the Abasto, known for sheltering the well-known wholesale fresh food/ fruit and vegetable market of the city (this market is currently a shopping mall) and for its conventillos, canteens and theatres; however the Abasto area is widely known for being the place where Carlos Gardel lived in; he was a tango composer,singer and musician. Carlos Gardel is an emblem of the Argentine tango.: