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Weather and Environment


Weather Seasons

Summer: 21st December up to 20thMarch
Autumn: 21st March up to 20th June
Winter: 21st June up to 20thSeptember
Spring: 21st September up to 20thDecember

Buenos Airesfeatures an ideal climate; so you can visit the city at any time of the year. There are a few intense hot or very cold days; rainfall is moderate and it occurs mainly in Spring and Fall.

The Environment

The mission of the City of Buenos Aires is to improve the quality of public spaces for you to enjoy them and at the same time want to take care of them. A cleaner, more beautiful, well-arranged, secure, passable and high quality-environment city generates a higher level of  commitment by its people and therefore the citizen awareness is raised. 

Strategic Goals

A city with a better infrastructure; no chuckholes, proper sidewalks
A more beautiful and secure city with enhanced green areas and urban tree planted areas.
A clean and environment- friendly City  including “cartoneros” (waste pickers) into the conventional garbage collection service.
A well-arranged city thus avoiding undue use of public space.
A City that respects people’s time, i.e. a better claims and permits treatment.